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I am THE JuNene K; philanthropist, trendsetter, coach as well as educator. I believe assertion and confidence are key to inclusion and I make it my daily priority to change the norms and limits people unconsciously place on themselves due to lack of knowledge and understanding. I hold a B.A in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development and a M.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Life Coaching and Behavior Analysis. I am also a Social Emotional Specialist and Certified Life Coach with a passion to teach Emotional Control and Resilience as the basis of all problem solving. My no nonsense, straightforward approach allows me to get real time results that last a lifetime. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Take a few minutes, look around and explore and learn about the many different sides to The one and only, JuNene K.

The Life Coach

Social Emotional Specialist

Life Coaching Sessions

Knowing what to do is different than knowing how to do it.

Knowing how to do it is different than actually doing it.

These sessions are designed to assist you in becoming the best possible version of yourself through one on one counseling and self assessments.

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Get your life together now with this plan guaranteed to help you get out of your own way


The life changing memoir to help you get unstuck

The Serial Entrepeneur

Your time is important to you, I get it. I mean you only get 24 hours in a day and with running errands here, picking up that, doing this, seeing about that, you don’t have much time to juice but you would like to enjoy the many benefits, right? Of course you would, that’s why I created Too Busy To Juice. Simple juices that are packed with benefits for your body and I’ve included messages to touch your spirit as well.

We created Muhimu Oils to help ease both mental and physical discomfort. Muhimu is Swahili for essential, something that is necessary, important and a must have. Our products combine pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended together with natural ingredients to transform your spirit and move you to the place you desire to be. We stock a variety of essential oils and essential oil based products for every dis-ease you may have. We only stock products made with natural occurring, organic ingredients that are healthy for you and for the planet.

The throughway to our productivity is being able to master the mind, body and spirit connection. We offer several ways to move your mind, move your spirit and move your body. The trinity of these three puts us in the best possible position to be the most authentic version of ourselves.


You’ve heard the phrase Common Sense, right? But sense is not common at all, that means learning needs to be intentional. At Intentional Intelligence Training Institute we identify that the very foundation of learning is the ability to know self, both strengths and weaknesses so that you can learn from an authentic place. The idea is not to strengthen the weaknesses but to highlight the strengths. Learning doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable spotlight on what you don’t know but rather a celebration of what you do know that opens the passageway to more learning.—Offering Intense Emotional Intelligence Training for Corporations and Organizations who support the people that are their employees.

Third Eye Home Cooking presents a different approach to cooking food. We talk a lot about what we eat but we rarely mention what we are cooking that food in. As a cooking coach and independent sales consultant for SaladMaster, Third Eye Home Cooking shows our customers how to retain 93% of the nutrition in your food so it is tastier, healthier and cooks faster. It’s recognizes that food heals if we unlearn everything we’ve been taught about the cooking process.

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